A mutual fund is an investment product, which pools money from investors with common investment objectives such as. Objective from investors

  • Risk reduction
  • Return enhancement
  • Improve diversification
  • Cost Savings
  • Factor exposure
  • Income generation

Mutual Funds invests money in multiple assets, in accordance with the stated objective of the scheme. The investments are made by an asset management company commonly known as AMC. For example, an equity fund would invest in stocks and equity related instruments, while a debt fund would invest in bonds, debentures.

Financial Expertise + Technology = Difference

Mutual Funds schemes are clearly distinct in terms of investment strategy, asset allocation and broadly classified into following categories


Large Cap Funds
Large & MidCap Funds
Mid Cap Funds
Small Cap Funds
Multi Cap Funds
Dividend Yield Funds
Value Funds
Contra Funds
Focused Funds
Sectoral Thematic Funds


Overnight Funds
Liquid Funds
Ultra Short Duration Funds
Low Duration Funds
Money Market Funds
Short Duration Funds
Medium Duration Funds
Medium to Long Duration Funds
Long Duration Funds
Dynamic Funds
Corporate Bond Funds
Credit Risk Funds
Banking & PSU Funds
Gilt Funds
Gilt 10 year Funds
Floater Funds



Hybrid Fund - Aggressive
Hybrid Fund - Conservative
Hybrid Fund - Balanced
Dynamic Asset Allocation Funds
Multi Asset Allocation Funds
Arbitrage Funds
Equity Savings Funds


Retirement Funds
Children’s Funds
FOFs Overseas Domestic
Index Fund ETFs Funds


Each client has unique needs; so we will work together to help you find an optimal asset allocation from a wide array of financial instruments, including equities, equities funds, fixed income funds, alternative assets based on your goals in an attempt to capitalise on opportunities sparked by changes in the market environment.