The foreign exchange market (also known as forex, FX, or the currency market) is an over the counter (OTC) global market that determines the exchange rate for currencies around the world. Participants are able to buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on currencies. It is, by far, the largest financial market in the world and comprises a global network of financial centres that transact 24 hours a day, closing only on the weekends. 

Currencies are always traded in pairs, so the “value” of one of the currencies in that pair is relative to the value of the other. This determines how much of country A’s currency country B can buy, and vice versa. Establishing this relationship (price) for the global markets is the main function of the foreign exchange market. This also greatly enhances liquidity in all other financial markets, which is key to overall stability and spreads.

We use this market for online money transfers around the world from India and to India, 24/7 via our partners that offer you the Best Rates which you can compare with the banks or other financial service providers that you may have used in the past. 

In addition to transfers we provide our clients with sophisticated analytics / support throughout the lifecycle of your transfer, transparency and the data you need to refine your transfer strategy via rate optimisations and hedging.  We also enable you to manage multiple transfer strategies simultaneously resulting in the optimal possible rate .

The portal that is provided helps you view a detailed summary of your transactions, including performance metrics and rates at the time of execution. Most importantly our dedicated support teams are available 24 hours a day during the working week.